MORTAL KOMBAT – Feature Logos

Finish him. Director Simon McQuoid asked Devastudios to craft a bespoke opening for the Mortal Kombat feature, and we enthusiastically agreed. The idea was to foreshadow the central conflict of the movie’s main characters by treating the Warner Bros. and New Line logos with opposing elements. The logos were completely relit and retextured to reference the costumes and powers of the characters Scorpion and Sub-Zero. We then replaced the clouds that normally live behind the Warner Bros. logo with a murky darkness filled with ominous ashes and embers.

The New Line sunset environment was turned into a cold blue cloudscape by replacing the sun in the scene with a Mortal Kombat-inspired moon. With the environment transformations complete, our artists then turned their attention to the dynamics, working with multiple FX packages including Houdini, X-Particles and TyFlow, to create the embers, frosted air, ice crystals and snow that swirl around the logo animations. Finished in 4K, the logo sequence sets the tone for this fun action-packed blockbuster.