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Floppy Dolphins

Rain Drops


Abstract Water Ball

Material Tests

Testing materials on model in Redshift.

Particle Advection

Particle travel experimentation in X-Particles.


Experimenting using the Divider plugin in Cinema 4D.


Exploring the mind blowing new feature, spherical harmonics, in Maya 2018.

Wax greeble

Hard surface model and SSS.

Mocap dancers

Having some fun with motion capture rigs and MJ’s Thriller.


Bumper ident.

3d scanned artifact

Experimenting with high resolution 3d scans and octane mix materials.


Experimenting with Avidemux

Wire Hair

Arnold 5 brushed metal nHair.

Random displacement

Experimenting with cinema noise displacement modifiers.


Tracer tests.

Metal barnacle

Silky smooth metal roughness and micro displacement.

Wave crash

Water simulation test for Baywatch main title.


Ru0026D for Fantastic Beasts main titles.


FumeFX pipeline test.

Glass orbs

A notoriously challenging render. Computer-generated spheres. ( ^__- )

Light u0026 fog

Octane volume fog and blackbody emission.

Chrome foam

1 billion particle foam sim, rendered with motion blur in Arnold.

Glass displ.

High resolution displacement maps in Octane.

Zero Lip

Camera tracking tests with footage from cinematographer Stephen Brooks.