BLACK ADAM – Feature Logos

Born from darkness. The first shot of a film sets the tone for the audience, settles them into the world of the movie, and lets them know what the entertainment has in store for them. For Black Adam, director Jaume Collet-Serra wanted a dramatic introduction to kick off the film, so we initially crafted a version of these logos that transformed the official Deva-produced New Line Cinemas logo into a electricity-filled dark roiling stormscape, with the logos themselves treated with animated textures inspired by Black Adam’s suit.

When we reviewed that version with Jaume and the producers, everyone agreed that twenty seconds of lightning strikes was a bit too dramatic…so at producer Beau Flynn’s suggestion, we pivoted to this idea, where the Warner Bros. logo starts in the stormy / lightning environment, and then transitions to a New Line logo bathed in magic hour light. Sub-textually this aligned with Black Adam’s character arc in the film, and also hinted at the color palette of the last shot of the film before our end title sequence.