BLACK ADAM – End Titles

The Man In Black. We are so excited to continue our collaboration with director Jaume Collet-Serra and producer Beau Flynn with this main-on-end sequence for Black Adam. We had a great experience working with both of them on Jungle Cruise, so when they asked us to design the end sequence on this DC blockbuster, we leapt at the opportunity. Creatively, our designers were inspired by the incredible pattern detail on the costumes from the feature, which led to the concept of featuring animating geometric patterns in this impressionistic sequence. The film features multiple superheroes, and our designers created dramatic vignettes of each character.

Each chapter is seeped in a character’s signature color palette, with unique geometric patterns sweeping across the surfaces. Emerging from these renders is the refracting typography of the credits. Intricately constructed from multiple interacting layers, the background itself facets to reveals the bold modern type. A few years back, we designed the main title for the feature marketing campaign, so it was a lot of fun to be able to revisit that powerful word-mark as the iconic introduction into the main on end. Our goal throughout was simple; make the main on end as entertaining as the blockbuster entertainment that came before it.