Art in motion. Our Jungle Cruise end title sequence was inspired by the illustration of naturalists and adventurers of the Victorian era. A river of ink leads us from scene to scene, blending together striking portraiture paintings, created in collaboration with the amazing artist Kyle Lambert, with line drawings and elements from era-specific manuscripts and publications. Our creative director photographed all of the ink flows and transitions for this piece using macro lenses and high frame rates to give the fluids a unique custom look.

Hundreds of images, meticulously researched and sourced from art museums, patent and newspaper archives, formed the collages in the background that surround the pantings. Elegant, lightly weathered typography outlined with hand-drawn pencil strokes completes the sophisticated aesthetic. Special thanks are due to our friends at Disney, the Flynn Picture Company and director Jaume Collet-Serra for both believing in our vision and being tremendous supporters and collaborators throughout the entire process.