DUNE: PART TWO – Trailer Graphics

In the shadows of Arrakis. Denis Villeneuve’s 2021 masterpiece Dune set a new standard for the science fiction epic, winning six Academy Awards. The Dune: Part Two trailer gives audiences a first glimpse at the next chapter in the saga of House Atreides, as Paul Atreides flees the Harkonnens and becomes a leader while the planet descends into a rebellion. Packed with massive VFX moments and a stellar cast, the sequel promises to be a must-see blockbuster.

Our graphics for this trailer were inspired by spice shimmering in the searing heat of battle, reflecting a more dangerous time on Arrakis. The gleaming studio logos harken back to the design work we did on the original Dune trailer, while the internal graphics are awash in a fiery orange, as windswept spice and ash flicker by the type. The main title is revealed from plumes of heat and smoke as a horizontal flare settles to reveal the planet’s silhouette.