Devastudios collaborated with writer/director/star Danny McBride to create the opening title for his new HBO series The Righteous Gemstones.

Our design team created a wide array of title ideas drawing influence from the world of the series, a satire centered around the Gemstones, a family of televangelist preachers who have a taste for the high life.

From our initial presentation, the show creatives quickly focused in on a vintage neon look that balances modern style and gaudy excess.

The title concept was designed to feel like it could be from the world of the show – a logo that the Gemstones might have used for one of their TV specials without realizing how over the top it was. One of the producers on the show described the design as reminiscent of the 1968 Elvis TV comeback special, and that aesthetic resonated strongly with Danny’s creative vision for the show.

Set to the crescendo of a choir and framed by hundreds of glowing lights in the form of a cross, the title peaks “full-tilt boogie”, as Danny put it, welcoming the viewers into the absurd world of the Gemstones.

Watch The Righteous Gemstones, Sundays on HBO.