ELVIS – Feature Graphics

Taking Care of Business. After creating the trailer graphics for ELVIS, Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin reached out to our team to complete the feature graphics for this one of a kind film. Collaborating with Baz and Catherine was nothing short of spectacular. Our team vowed to keep this dynamic duo’s creative vision alive as we were tasked with both starting the feature with the opening logos of Warner Bros. and BazMark, while also ending the film with the feature title and main on end graphics.

Each step of the creative process was taken with such care and detail to make sure we could integrate as many easter eggs related to Elvis, Baz and the studios as possible. Throughout our animations you can discover a variety of objects such as the EP ring, the WB water tower, music notes, an eagle, peacock feathers, tigers, guitars and many more. Each choice was purposeful; carefully curated with the dedicated direction of Baz and Catherine.


During our final meeting with Baz to get his stamp of approval for all of the feature graphics, he gave our team a round of applause and said, “Bravo. These graphics are like nothing I have seen in a film before. I want to take them to Sotheby’s to get appraised.”