BARBIE – Out of Home Digital Billboard

It’s the best day ever! Barbie is a global iconic superstar, and proved that once again in the summer of 2023 by breaking box office records around the world. Our clients at Warner Bros. wanted an out of home creative execution that would be attention grabbing and would resonate with the theme of the movie: a doll who discovers the real world. Starting with blue screen production footage of Margot Robbie from the feature, our creative team designed custom CG Barbie boxes based on the Mattel box and brand guidelines, creating environmental elements around Barbie.

Plastic sheen and Barbie gleams completed the hyper-real effect, which embraced the real-life meets make-believe art direction from the feature. To enhance the seamless anamorphic billboard effect, we adjusted the perspective and sight-lines to match the point of view from the streets below. The original creative was then customized for LED screens in Los Angeles, New York, Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong, bringing this little piece of Barbie Land all over the world! With the film smashing box office records globally, this fun OOH creative is a playful tribute to the Barbie in us all.