Creating a motion logo for a studio is a balancing act between honoring the rich traditions of the studio, while finding a new way to encapsulate that legacy for today’s audiences. Warner Bros. updated the design of the WB logo last year with the talented team at Pentagram, and commissioned Devastudios to create a new motion logo to compliment that brand identity. Our creative team wanted to showcase the beauty of the Burbank lot, which is nestled at the base of the Hollywood hills. Unable to access the lot due to COVID restrictions, our artists relied on drone footage, original blueprints and available photography to painstakingly reconstruct the backlot in CG.

Details like the numbers on the sound stages, a red carpet outside the SJR theater, and mist rising from the commissary roof add realism to the environment as the camera flies past the iconic water tower. In a respectful nod to the prior Warner Bros. motion logo, the lot transforms into a reflection in the side of the famous shield emblem, rippling as the bevels swoop by the camera. The gold transforms into platinum as the Warner Bros. shield soars triumphantly over a vast CG cloudscape. The new motion logo respects the heritage of Warner Bros. while facing the future with a confident and contemporary brand statement.